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eGo L Series Light Weight Flexible Solar Panel
A series flexible solar panel that is more rigid than eGo S while thinner and lighter than conventional rigid solar panel.
eGo L use conventional monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells,with latest solar cell technology PERC,it has better performance under weak sunshine.AHONY professional workmanship keeps the flexible solar panel bend slightly at 10degree at maximum,meanwhile,the panel is still 1/2 or less than rigid glass+aluminium frame panel.
The panel use ETFE surface as well,with more layers EVA and other material in it.The panel is more rigid and can not bend in big angle.L series light weight solar panel are more suitable to use on public shelters,RV roof of which the surface is relatively flat with no bend angle,the material can resist high temperature under extramely climate.
Waterproof:the panel ETFE surface has very low water absorption rate,also Jbox are filled in silicon gel to make it more proof,get no rust under salty weather.
Long lifespan:the surface/backsheet are both designed for more than 10years lifespan.
Safer and more durable.

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