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eMarvel 100w walkable anti slippery solar panel flexible

100w flexible solar panel has rigid surface and material
Max bend angle 5degree
Walkable and anti skids surface
CE ROHS SGS IEC certified

  • eMarvel 100w

110w flexible solar panel has rigid surface and material

Max bend angle 5degree

Walkable and anti skids surface

CE ROHS SGS IEC certified

Advantage of eMarvel marine solar panel

High efficiency solar cell

AHONY uses leading brand cell and high efficiency A

grade quality to insure high and stable output.

Walkable and Anti-slippery

By any means and do not damage cells,the rough antislippery

surface is safer for installation or maintenance.

Longer lifespan 15years guaranteed

Premium weather or moisture resistance,for harsh

environment 15years life guaranteed,over 25years lifespan.

High temp resistance and little power loss

The surface material resists high temperature Flame

retardancy UL94 VTM-0.Rugged and insulated bottom

reduces area touched surface of yacht,RV,cart etc.Enables

air circulation,it cools down panel and get little power loss.

Rigid,thin,light design for widely use

It’s rigid to resist hailstone,semi flexible with bend angle less

5 degree,suitable for off grid use,marine,yacht,RV roof,on

grid home system,parking lot,portable power generator etc.

It’s 1/6 thickness 7/10 the weight of glass solar panel.

AHONY eMarvel series uses leading Japan raw material,high efficiency A grade solar cells and automatically producing

machine,experienced ultralight solar panel producing experience.We offer more added value on power output,

professional test,industrial standard quality control,after sale service and warranty.

☆CE ROHS test and certified

☆High Temperature test

☆High humidity 85% test

☆SGS IEC standard Salt Spray test

Scope of Application

eMarvel is specialized marine solar panel for boat or yacht surface;

floating buoys,bimini,deck,sprayhood,cover,sticking on catamaran and trawler hardtops

It's durable for relatively flat surface and need to walk on it frequently.

Model   No.eMarvel 100w
Product NameSemi-Flexible Solar Panel
Maximum   Power[Wp]100
Solar CellSunPower Maxeon Gen III Back Contact   Cell
Cell   Array[Pcs]4*8
Cell   Efficiency22.60%
Max Power   Voltage Vmp[V]18.56
Max Power   Current Imp[A]5.39
Open Circuit   Voltage Voc[V]21.90
Short Circuit   Current Isc[A]5.82
Power   tolerance[%]±3%
Operating   Temperature[℃]-40/+85
Temperature   Coefficient Pmax[%/K]-0.3
Temperature   Coefficient Voc[[%/K]-1.74mV
Temperature   Coefficient Isc[[%/K]0.05
Maximum System   Voltage[V]1000 V
Maximum   Reverse Current[V]10A
Flame   retardancyUL94 VTM-0
Certification   and testCE,ROHS,SGS,IEC,85°C& 85% humidity   test

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