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eMobi F 12V Folding Solar Kit
We provide you with competitive 12v folding solar kits,portable to charge all 12v powerload.
eMobi F Series 12V are different from the 6V,it uses together with portable power generator,to charge either 12v battery or others 12v appliance.It designs environmentally friendly,with all quick connect parts like cables,anderson plug,SAE connector,battery clips or DC plug,to quickly match powerload's connection.It equips charge controller as well.With supporting legs,it can fix on anywhere and get sunshine to charge immediately.Compared to conventional rigid folding solar kits,it's much lighter and with handle to carry it easily.

AHONY offers a wide range of power from 40w to 200w,the cells are from USA SunPower,we can customize size,cloth,power,wattage,colour etc.
eMobi F2x50w 
eMobi F3x40w
eMobi F4x25w
eMobi F4x30w
eMobi F4x40w
eMobi F4x50w 
Popular wattage 50w 60w 80w 100w 120w 160w 200w 250w.



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