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mono perc 120w solar panel for rv roof

AHONY 120w mono solar panel is one of the best size for RV roof;
high efficiency solar cell,AHONY keep updating to latest efficiency cell module;
High quality thick aluminium frame;
CE ROHS certified.
  • eRigid M120w
  • AHONY or OEM
  • 510*1240*30mm
  • off grid solar system,rv camping,mobile solar system,solar street light
  • 22.5%


-A grade cell mono solar panel 120w,solid,durable and longivity;

-high density,durable,Corrosion-resistant aluminum fram,for extended outdoor use and will give you years and years of consistent, free power;

-High efficiency 22.5% bificial 5BB solar cell,hiddren bus bar makes module efficiency even higher.

other cells kindly ask AHONY representative;

-5 years warranty more than 25 years lifespan;

-Laser cutting and welding ensure that the whole process is good;

-Strict power test,solar cell quality test;

-Products have passed CE, ROHS and ISO9001 certification;

-Solar Panel Size: 1240*510*30mm,perfect size for RV roof,caranvan.

Model   No.eRigid M120W
Product NameRigid glass monocrystalline solar panel
Maximum   Power[WP]120
Solar CellMono A grade solar cell
Cell   Array[pcs]158*99
Cell   Efficiency4*9
Max Power   Voltage Vmp[V]20.52
Max Power   Current Imp[A]5.85
Open Circuit   Voltage Voc[V]24.15
Short Circuit   Current Isc[A]6.17


This solar panel can charge 10-14v lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, and lithium batteries, and can be used to integrate the following solar product integration products:

Solar street light

Solar small power generation system

solar mobile system

off grid solar system

AHONY offer customize,OEM service,welcome to leave message.