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Most popular off grid solar application products

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Solar Light -camping light street light

Mono or poly small solar panel are perfect for different wattage solar light,

street light for home garden,camping solar light;

solar motion light.

Solar street light

Solar Camera and oil mining solar application

AHONY solar panels are more and more used for solar camera,

oil,mining,industrial use,

we customize different size,holes,frame,cable parts etc.

Solar camera

Mobile Solar off grid solar

More and more solar system used for 

mobile solar system,

solar camping rv roof,

solar truck like cold chain freezing unit and GPS,

mobile containers,

portable solar power station,

independent supervising station,

island,all are off grid solar systems.

mobile solar

Boat solar for marine yacht catamaran

The small solar panels are widely used for marine use,

solar boat signal power source,

solar battery charger,

solar floating light,GPS etc.

marine solar panel




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