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Off grid solar panel manufacturer

solar panel factory ahony
Ultralight Off Grid Solar Panel Manufacturer
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Go Solar,Gain Power,Go Anywhere.
AHONY POWER is authorized by Chinese government as"National High Tech Enterprise in 2020."The company was founded in Shenzhen,southest China nearby Hongkong.The factory is located in Dongguan city.We have more than 13 years solar experience,including producing,marketing,R&D.Ahony owns 4 official issued solar patents,1 of which is invention patent.We've managed under ISO quality system,products are certified by CE,ROHS,SGS,IEC60512,ISO9001.
For every product offered by Ahony,we have strict producing process,quality inspection process and testing process.Ahony is dedicated to clean energy-solar technology innovation,ultralight solar panel technology,environmental friendly solar products:flexible solar panel,marine solar panel,foldable solar kit,glass solar module,solar power integration etc.
AHONY is shorted for "All Honors of Nature",it means the sky,sea,people etc are all benefit from solar,from AHONY products.
The sky will be more blue;
Sea will be more clear;
All the creatures
are shining and growing up healthily under sunshine.
Sunshine is holy,people from all around the world share the same sun,solar is technology that bases on sun,makes full use of nature and benefit all creatures from nature.
Started by a team with more than 8 years of solar experience,we are professional in crystalline silicon,thin film,electronics technology etc.By developing,producing new solar products,AHONY brings more ideas of responsible,environmental,energy saving,high technology,Ahony want to gather more people to protect our sourroundings by using environmental,energy saving products.

No economy development can take environment granted.
Ahony with you,Go solar,Gain Power,Go anywhere!
AHONY currently produces12v solar panel kits,foldable solar panel,portable solar charger,semi flexible solar panel,USB solar charger,solar light,solar motion light,all are thin,ultralight solar panels.The target market of our products are for camping,RV,marine,motor-off grid,outdoor and mobile use.with solar,it gives customer power and light.

Folding solar kit
USB solar charger
Semi flexible solar panel
Marine walkable semi rigid solar panel
Solar table
Glass solar module

Choosing High Quality Raw Materials

Choosing AHONY Power means you enjoy high quality from raw material.For eMobi series portable solar charger and flexible solar panel,we use USA SunPower solar cell,with cell efficiency up to 24.4%.
ETFE surface make solid and durable quality.
A grade PERC solar cell;
 IV EL solar system test;
Envirenmentally friendly design and try to avoid using un-recyclable material,with cell testing machine,cell selecting machine-laser cutting-automatically soldering machine-string soldering machine--lamination machine-testing machine-framing etc.We take every step to insure stable quality supply.

Solar cell cutting
solar cell soldering
solar finished product USB solar charger

Make the Smarter Choice

AHONY is dedicated to developing solar application products,our products are certified by CE,ROHS,currently the solar products sell to Europe,Australia,New Zealand and North America.Now as the solar panel attracts more and more concern,our Flexible solar panel,folding solar kits,USB solar charger,solar motion light goes to consumer market like B2B platform,supermarket,stores etc.AHONY is always keen to find new solar opportunity,develop and produce solar panels to off grid,application,affordable and satisfying solar products,let more and more people benefit from solar.




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Shenzhen Ahony Power Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen office:A2-903,Guanguang Road No.2533,Fenghuang street,Guangming district,Shenzhen 518106,China
Factory Addr:3F,Building 7,Chuanwei industrial park,Dalang,Dongguan,Guangdong,China,523797.
Tel/Fax: 0086-0755-29565682

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