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eGo P Flexible Solar Panel
PCB or FR4 fibre glass backsheet with different customize design,bike-sharing solar panels,slightly semi-flexible solar panel
eGo P flexible solar panel uses PCB/FR4 fibre glass backsheet,it's rigid,light weight,can bend max 10℃.AHONY PCB,FR4 fibre glass flexible use high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell over 21.3%,the cell can cut into different sizes,the smallest is 1.5w.AHONY has automatically laser cutting machine,to make different shapes.

The PCB flexible solar panel or fibre glass solar module is also called light weight solar panel.PCB has high melting point,can resist temperature over 200℃.Also,PCB/FR4 is thicker than conventional backsheet,it makes the flexible solar panel more rigid than others.We can also print electric wire on the backsheet,so that customer can connect to differnt electronics.

AHONY has a lot of experience producing PCB solar panels or fibreglass solar panel,mostly are 5w 6w 10w etc,we serve famouse shaing bike brand in China,with excellent performance and producing workmanship,we want to help more customers making their right panels.

Power ranges:1.5w-150w
PCB panel with circuit diagram

This PCB customizes circuit diagram on the back,it prints plus and minus on back,so that customers can connect to other electronic element directly. AHONY uses laminated machine to make high quality PCB solar panels.
Customize different shape|sizes

AHONY has automatical laser cutting machine to make different size, shape,wattage,voltage.The panel install Jbox with high quality silicon gel,the cables are UV resistance, suitable for outdoor,high temperature area or extreme climate.



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