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Ahony Power-Go Solar Gain Power Go anywhere

high quality marine solar panel for marine sailing cruise
eMobi magnet Potable solar kit
high quality marine solar panel for marine sailing cruise
Semi flexible bendable solar module
Foldable solar kit suitcase charging kit
12v rigid glass solar module

Good Quality and Service

Renewable Energy
Win-Win Business
Strict Producing Process
Benefit All Over the World
AHONY produces  Flexible solar panel,glass solar panel,semi rigid solar panel,USB solar charger,folding solar kits for personal use,home garden,outdoor,balcony,mobile,marine etc.With more than 13 years experience high quality ETFE laminated solar panels,we use automatically laser cutting,soldering,stringing machine,by using leading quality raw material and highest efficiency solar cells,AHONY is dedicated to producing world class products. We value a lot about customer,environment,as well as nature,AHONY is short for "all honors of nature",we want to bring all benefits to people all around the world.Every clean energy solar product helps improving our planet,our neibourhood,our life,our future!
flexible solar panel

eGo S200M 210M

MBB technology more power
24% efficiency HCF solar cell
AP2 anti-crack material
Max bend 60degree
HCF cell better weak light performance
More power than PERC cells
A grade cell and leading brand raw material