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100w solar panel pv module for street light car roof rv mobile conversion customize

  • eRigid M100W

  • Ahony or OEM

  • 8541430000

  • 590*925*30mm

  • street light roof smart solar system iot battery storage

  • 24%



-Cell Efflclency up to 24.4%,Module effilclency over 22%More power output per square meter,ideal for Rv,boat roof or home when space is limit.smaller size save space.

-Premium Aesthetics

Without copper ribbon on front and using high aesthestics solar cells,either black or silver frame fits your roof,boat,standalone solar systems better.

-Excellent weak light performance and Maximum energy per wattDeliver the most energy in demanding real world conditions,in partlal shade,weak light,and hot temperatures.

-Durability-Leading quality raw material

Back contact cell is the only cell bullt on a solid copper foundatlon.virtually impervious to the corroslon and cracking thatdegrade conventional panels. Low lron tempered glass,high density aluminlum frame,top brand EVA and backsheet,our panelproduces 9% more power than others year by year.

Model   No. eRigid M100W
Product Name Glass solar panel
Maximum   Power[WP] 100
Solar Cell 182 PERC Solar Cell
Cell   Array[pcs] 3*14
Solar Cell   Size[mm] 182*60.67
Cell   Efficiency 22.70%
Size[mm] 590*925*30
Max Power   Voltage Vmp[V] 24.36
Max Power   Current Imp[A] 4.11
Open Circuit   Voltage Voc[V] 28.26
Short Circuit   Current Isc[A] 4.36
Net.Weight[kg] 6.70
Power   tolerance[%] ±3%
Operating   Temperature[℃] -40/+85
Temperature   Coefficient Pmax[%/K] -0.41
Temperature   Coefficient Voc[[%/K] -0.32
Temperature   Coefficient Isc[[%/K] 0.04
Maximum System   Voltage[V] 1000 V
Frame/Backsheet silver frame/white blacksheet(can also   make black frame)
Certification CE ROHS

solar panel for system 100w