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Flexible Solar Panel
Let's work together to "light" new flexible solar energy future!
AHONY semi flexible solar panel,or flexible solar panel are mostly made by ETFE surface,the raw material is from Japan.Solar cell is either from SunPower Maxeon cells or conventional monocrystalline solar cells,all with cell efficiency 22.5% to 25.4%.

eGo SM series flexible is most resilient and thinner,it uses HJT HCF cell or PERC cell and AHONY self developed AP2 material,the thickness is 1.5-2mm only.The max bend angle is 60degree horizontal bend angle or 240degree circle arc.Power range from 1w to 420w.It's widely used for bimini roof,balcony solar panel,anwing,shelter,rv trailer roof,electrical bus etc.

eGo S series flexible is more resilient and thinner as the cell is from SunPower and backsheet is high quality weather resistant material,it leads the highest efficiency range of solar panels.Now power ranges from 7w-420w.

eGo P use PCB backsheet,it can customize a lot of panels,like small ones 5w-300w,the conventional cells can cut into any possible small size,like bike-sharing small panels 5w.AHONY gains a lot of experience producing eGo P series for last years,as we produces a lot of bike-sharing for leading brand in China,like Mobike,OFO etc.

For both ranges,we share similar producing lines,using laser cutting to make colourful design,shape,size,power,voltage.small eGo S or P panels for backpack,mailing box,RV rooftop,marine,camping,outdoor,motohomes etc all outdoor solar use or mobile solar use.