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eGo S Flexible Solar Panel
eGo S flexible uses SunPower cell.
eGo S flexible solar panel uses high efficiency solar cell,USA back contact SunPower cell,cell efficiency is from 24.4% to 25.4%.ETFE surface from Japan,it can resist high temperature at 242℃,material transmittance is over 95%.More over,it has excellent tensile strength,low water absorption,makes the flexible panel higher waterproof.

eGo S is more flexible than conventional cell flexible like eGo P,it can bend 30° arc at maximum,It’s aerodynamic design that can reduce wind resistance when install on rooftop of RV or yacht.

eGo S is perfect for all mobile use like caravan,boat,marine,motor etc.There are different power and size from 7w to 300w.Also two colours white and black can be used for any panel.Currently flexible solar panel is widely used for mobile,marine,camping industry,Now more and more people concern about eGo S flexible.

Popular models
eGo S 60W
eGo S105W
eGo S 120W
eGo S 165W
eGo S 200W
eGo S 105W 120W
Best Seller
SunPower cell and size 540x1060x3mm that is best for RV or marine.
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