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Walkable Semi Rigid Marine Solar Panel

Rigid light solar panel is another kind of semi flexible semi rigid solar panel,it is rigid,walkable,anti-slippery and tested in extreme climate.The bend angle is 3-5degree,so they are suitable for flat installation surface.Compared to traditional semi flexible solar panel,which is thin,resilient,it's very rigid.It can resistant high pressure,strike,drop and keep the solar cell as it is without any damage.Our eMarvel series light solar panel are produce with premium performance,high quality workmanship.They are certified by CE,ROHS,SGS and tested under IEC 60512 standard.Moreover,it's tested sucessfully under high humidity 85% and high temperature 85degree celsius for over 1000hours.Now there are white series and black series,the cells can be back contact,monocrystalline PERC cell,polycrystalline solar cell.
Cell efficiency ranges from 19%-23.7%.
Quality garanteed.The eMarvel light marine solar panel are tested under different  climate or environment conditions,SGS IEC certified lifespan more than 15years.moisture resistance,UV resistance and running well under high humidity high temperature.
Japan ETFE special anti-slip surface,people can step on it.The rigid material is strong to bear more than 100kg,all these eMarvel solar panels are walkable and have no damange to inner cells,it's good for technical personal or solar professions’  solar installation or maintenance.
Light solar panel are for marine solar panel,eMarvel series are designed specially for marine,salty,high humidity area etc harsh environment.Ideal for yacht,boat,ocean symbol,lighting signal.


Yacht-Long Journey Cruise
eMarvel series are designed for harsh environment which enables sailers to enjoy long journey cruise in ocean.The panel are tested under SGS IEC standard in salt mist condition,high moisture.Moreover,AHONY also made high temperature high humidity test for more than 1200hours,with stable power output.
Sticking on Sailing
AHONY offer a wide range of customize service,eMarvel small panel are good for sticking on mast which powers light,sailing signal etc.For off grid power station,RV roof.It's also a good match for portable solar panels,portable solar generators,portable solar case etc.
Parking lot|RV Roof|Charge Station
eMarvel has great advantage installing on RV roof,yacht roof,parking lot which may get heated in high temperature in summer.It's rough surface allows air circulation between to cool down the panels.On the other hand,the thick bottom has bigger distance between installing surface and solar cell.These keep the solar panel power stable and better performance than other.

OEM and Customize

Semi rigid solar panel accept customize and OEM,the raw material allows laser cutting into different sizes,shape,cusotmize different colours.It's widely used for mobile solar system,artificial solar smart flower,artificial solar tree,rv,boat yacht,cold chain freezing power unit etc.
Compared to glass panel,semi rigid solar panel is non fragile,non square,non sharp angle,also 30% lighter than glass panel and 20-25% thickness.Most important,the whole panel is wind,hailstone resistance,surface weight limit up to 100kg,it's walk on if it's installed on flat surface horizontally.



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