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USB Solar Charger
USB solar charger includes eMobi T and eMobi F series.It offers you the necessary power going outdoor.
high quality USB solar charger
  • SunPower Solar Cell 
    Maxeon Gen III solar cell,high cell efficiency up to 23.7%.
  • Japan ETFE Rawmaterial as Surface
    ETFE from Japan,higher transmittance 95%,better weather resistance performance.
  • More Duable Waterproof Integraged laminated
    With ETFE laminated integrated,the panel is waterproof.
  • Fast charging electronic board
    With self-developed electronic board in it,it can insure better charging under weak sunshine,charger faster than others.
eMobi T Series Solar Charger

eMobi T uses advanced technology that laminated the ETFE,solar cells,backsheet together,using laser cutting to make the holes,it looks much more aesthetic,most importantly waterproof and wiht longer lifespan.
There is patent quick charge USB for panels over 28W.
eMobi F Series Solar Charger

eMobi F is made by cloth,sewing together with laminated PET surface solar panel,it's conventional USB solar charger,the SunPower cells gains more power under weak sunshine.There are a lot of cloth type to make this kind of folding mobile solar charger.Power range from 7w+.
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