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10w Solar Panel Trickle Charger Battery Maintainer with Cigarette Lighter Battery Clips Battery Charger Connectors for Car Motor Power Other 12V Rechargeable Battery

solar trickle charger 10w
ETFE anti corrosion surface;
battery clips,cigarette ligher all in 1
  • eMobi F10TC

  • AHONY or OEM


Basic function:

-The 10W Solar Car Battery Charger will generate current to trickle charge the battery that prevent the loss   current  of the battery in storage or standby process

-It has built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse charging and battery reverse discharging

-Charging through the cigarette lighter plug: it is not necessary to open the hood of the car, you can directly use   the cigarette lighter plug to charge the car battery

-Perfect solution for charging the batteries of car, motorcycles, automobiles, snowmobiles, tractors and more by   solar when the battery is power shortage, maintaining the battery effect, extending its usage life

-Package: 10W car battery charger, cigarette lighter plug, clip line, suction cupds.


solar trickle charger 10w

ETFE anti corrosion surface;


battery clips,cigarette ligher all in 1

Application scope:

Car battery maintainer


Marine boat yacht

Model No.eMobi F10TC
Product NameSolar battery trickle charger maintainer
Maximum Power[Wp]10
Solar CellA grade mono perc cell
Cell Efficiency22.00%
Max Power Voltage Vmp[V]20.16
Max Power Current Imp[A]0.50
Open Circuit Voltage Voc[V]23.79
Short Circuit Current Isc[A]0.54
Power tolerance[%]±5%
Operating Temperature[℃]-40/+85
Suface/backsheetETFE+fibreglass plate
JboxJbox IP65,1pcs blocking diode
cable 11pcs*1m+SAE connector
cable 21pcs*SAE+0.5m+male cigarette lighter
cable 31pcs*SAE+0.5m+alligator cable
cable 41pcs*SAE+0.5m+ring terminal cable
Suction Cup4pcs
CertificationCE ROHS
Standard Test ConditionsSTC: 1000W/m², AM 1.5 and cell temp 25°C
individual packing size(L*W*L)[mm] 260*380*50mm
Selling pointsA grade cell produce max power under sunshine
ETFE surface-waterproof anti salty corrosion
All necessary parts into 1 kit,ultralight and portable