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Mono solar panel
AHONY 120w mono solar panel is one of the best size for RV roof; high efficiency solar cell,AHONY keep updating to latest efficiency cell module; High quality thick aluminium frame; CE ROHS certified.
eGo S M Flexible
Best seller model 100w for trailer roof; ultralight light,onlu 1,6kg and 1.7-2mm thickness; MBB technology less power loss; AP2 raw material anti crack and bend more.
eGo S M Flexible
this product is AHONY self produced semi flexible solar panel 300w,it's used for balcony pv,fence,it uses the leading brand solar cell HJT,best weak light performance
eGo S Flexible
eGo S M semi flexible solar panel use high efficiency PERC or HJT cells; over 22.5% efficiency; A grade cell; Marine grade material anti corrosion.
eGo S M Flexible
Model No. eGo S200M Product Name semi flexible solar panel Maximum Power[Wp] 200 Solar Cell  HJT Cell Array[Pcs] 4*9 Cell Efficiency 22.70% Size[mm] 670*1490*3 Max Power Voltage Vmp[V] 20.88 Max Power Current Imp[A] 9.58 Open Circuit Voltage Voc[V] 24.43 Short Circuit Current Isc[A] 10.34 Net.Weight[kg] 3.2 Power tolerance[%] ±5%