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Patents and Certification

AHONY products are test under solar industry standard condition,factory is managed by ISO quality system,products are tested and certified by CE,RoHs.
There are also other necessary test like double 85%,IV,EL,Salt spray test etc.

R&D Center

AHONY is always dedicated in developing new solar products,currenly we produce solar panel in solar light,including solar motion light,solar garden light,foldable solar kits,flexible solar module,portable solar charger etc solar application.Our USB solar charger inner cores got innovation patent.With more yesrs solar experience,AHONY hope to creat and produce more solar application products.
    Connection solar with daily use product,integration solar with the latest electronic technology.Find and get ahead of trend,use latest technology,make more affordable,energy saving consumer solar products.
    By getting ODM requirements from customers,gather information and evaluate,we'll response quickly to change customer's need to a prototype. 
    We encourage our engineer to care for environment more,think ways to make recyclable products,by using recyclable material,using non-pullution material,dedicating to make sustainbale solar products,to avoid waste.
solar R&D center
    Our R&D team have more than 8 years' solar and electronic products experience,we want to use all the profession to develop high quality,environmentally friendly,afforable solar products.The solar cell is from USA SunPower Maxeon Gen III ,Germany,Taiwan solar cells with higher level efficiency cell. 
    Think in different ways,think for better life,think impossible and make things done.
    Enjoy life,enjoy work,enjoy technology,we have a team of engineer that not only interested in solar,but also enjoy life.Care for details,care for others,re-organizing,creating,improving and applying solar to electronic products,lighting,CCTV,camping,RV,mobile etc.Meanwhile using IT,electronic,AI etc to solar.




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