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Raw Material Selection
Raw material from lead company brand and with cell testing,to make catagory of different power/voltage/colour,AHONY care for solar panel quality to the priority.
Automatic Soldering and Cutting
Soldering and stringing machine to make small PCB panels,light weight flexible panel,eMobi T series better workmanship.Laser cutting the panel edge,angle,shape to offer more customize choices.
Strict Testing and QC control
QC and workers execute strictly testing process and recheck the data,zero defects to next process.EL tester can double check the hidden danger in the panels to insure panels has longer lifespan.
Order Confirm
After order confirmed,we start the producing process and release producing order.
Cell Test and Other Raw Material Preparing
IQC will check all the raw material,make sure all like solar cell,framing,backsheet,ETFE,packing etc are all right,then go to next step.
Solar Cell Soldering,String
Automatic soldering machine will make fast soldering,and string,place the ETFE,EVA,Cell backsheet  etc all material in a file and ready for lamination.
Before Lamination Solar Half-Finished Product Testing
It's important step to check solar cell quality problem,make sure no defect products goes to next step.
Put all material in layers and laminated under 140degree celcius,take out after 20-25 minutes,checking the EVA melting,removing the rough edge.
Framing,Laser Cutting or Sewing Fabric
For glass or thin frame solar panel,we need put in the frame.
For eMobi T/flexible solar panel,we use laser cutting to make shape;e Mobi F need sewing the cloth.
For solar light,we put together the aluminium/plastic casing.
Fixing Jbox
Put on silicon gel and fix Jbox on it.We offer a lot of Jbox with waterproof or non-water proof ones;one cable hole and dual cable hoes;with cable gland or no gland.
Cable and Connectors
We offer different types cables/connectors for customers,to meet different requirements,all will be made in this step.
Put Label Sticker or Barcode
We offer standard or customer OEM label stickers and will put on back of solar panel.
Flash Testing Again
Finished product test will be here,to test solar panel only or with cables,according to different requirements from customer.
Packing with different types of carton box/gift box.Our standard package for air shipping is carton box and foam;For sea shipping,the standard is plywood pallet.
Send Goods to Warehouse
After packing and QC checking,all goods will be sent to warehouse,ready to ship.
Preparing for Shipping
We confirm all shipping matters and send goods out.
Customer Receive Goods
We insure short lead time and fast delivery,all our products send our are test sucessfully and QC passed.All lead to win-win business!




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