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AHONY produces high quality ETFE surface folding solar kit,compared to rigid folding solar panel,it weighs only 1/5.With supporting leg,solar charge controller,cables,solar necessary connectors,it offers a quick connection,portable for solar batteries.
It's also suitable for portable power generator.
ETFE resists high temperature,tensile strength and low water absorption rate.
It's only 1/5 weight of rigid solar panel.With all parts in a bag like case,easy to carry/use.
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12v folding solar kits with portable solar generator

Folding solar kits application

​AHONY folding solar kits uses high efficiency back contact,PERC cells,HJT,Topcon or bificial solar cells.cell efficiency up to 25.4%.The cell's low light performance is much better than others,also the panel is flexible with no crack if it is bend within 30degree.Usually have 12v-24v output,to charge battery,lead acid battery or lithium battery,no matter it is sealed battery,flood batter or others.With regular connections,it's suitable for battery.
There is another match for portable solar generator,with necessary connection directly plug into generator,to get a easy use for mobile solar system,idea for camping,RV,outdoor,rural medical care,emergency.To charge all 12v-24v appliances,portable fridge,cellphone,electric fan,camera,tablets.

12v folding solar kits 3x40w
Foldable,portable and light weight
It's upgraded from regular rigid folding solar panel,different from other folding solar kits,it use ETFE surface,higher weather resistance.more durable,longer life span and better performance of waterproof.Fabric is light than glass or aluminium as well.Back contact cells makes our folding solar kits smaller size,higher cell efficiency,less power loss under crack,better performance under weak sunshine.The panel max voltage are around 20v,it's designed for lithium battery along or in portable power stations,can charge all kinds of solar batteries,portable power generators.
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24.2% back contact cell and Japan ETFE surface
AHONY has more than 12 years solar experience,we use high quality Maxeon Gen III cells,offer high weather resistance ETFE surface.Producing under long history,developed automatically machine,to laminated solar panels together,the performance is better,longer lifespan.ETFE with sunshine transmittrance over 96%,tensile and resist high temperature over 200 degree celcius.
The fabric sewing under automatically machine as well,logo printing with high definition colour to broadcase your brand as it is.
folding solar kit
eMobi F  Series with Power from 21w-300w
We offer a wide ranges of folding solar kits from 21w to 300w,weight range from 2kg to 8kg.Most of our foldable panels are made by back contact cells or A grade perc monocrystalline solar cells,cell efficiency up to 24.2%.The foldable kit sewing under automatically machine,OEM,ODM is accepted.The textile printing,logo printing,textile material can be customize.There are also range with conventional cell to meet different customer's requirements.The smart mppt IC into USB port or 12v/24v lithium battery charge controller makes max power customer can get under sunshine.

eMobi F2x50w   eMobi F3x40w   eMobi F4x25w eMobi F4x30w   eMobi F4x40w   eMobi F5x40w
Customize Different Size,Power,Voltage etc OEM Service
Our factory offer different customize service,raw material, package, wattage, voltage, size, colour,OEM or ODM.Till now,we made a lot of folding solar panels for customers from Australia,UK,EU countries.AHONY is dedicated to meeting customer's requirements.
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