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Frequently asked questions.

  • Q How to clean the solar panel surface?

    A When dust and dirt covering at the surface of solar modules can be cleaned with a soft brush,then use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of solar modules,to remove the remaining dust and dirt.Recommend any guano,adhesive should be removed as soon as possible from the surface of solar modules, so as not to affect performance.
  • Q What kind of battery can be charged by folding solar kit eMobi F series

    A 1.sealed lead-acid battery 2.colloidal lead-acid batteries  3.the opening lead-acid batteries  4. (Interface on the controller output via USB) Such as: mobile phones, tablets, navigation systems and so on.
  • Q Can I install the solar sensor light to anywhere I want?

    Not exactly.Firstly,solar sensor lights need to be taken carefully to avoid accidents caused by falling.Secondly,avoid installing in the drain outlet and nearby, so as not to cause the light to enter the water due to the impact of water pressure, resulting in damage to the light.
  • Q Is it necessary to maintain the light daily?

    A Daily maintenance is not required.When you find the brightness of the sensor lamp is obviously darkened,or the sun is shining for 2 days the brightness is not yet improved. First check the surface of the solar panel for dust, Wipe the dust with a cloth and then place the solar panel at the sun for two days. If the brightness has not increased, contact your local dealer.
  • Q What's the best location should I install the solar motion light?

    A The best location is height 2~3.5 meters,in this way,the brightness is better than other place.
  • Q Are the solar sensor lights waterproof ?

    A Yes.all of our solar sensor lights are waterproof class IP65,that means they can resist rainwater,but it's not allowed to soak,it may cause damage to the device.
  • Q Can solar motion lights be used without the sunshine?

    A Yes,but after it is discharged,It's better to recharge the battery full under sunshine,then you can get the best status to use the solar motion light.
  • Q How long can the solar sensor light be used?What is the warranty?

    A Designed life> 3 years.Warranty:1 year.
  • Q Can I continue to use the battery after it reaches the end of its useful life?

    A In the case of no problem with other components,the battery can be used after replacement.




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