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100w flex solar panel HCF cell ETFE surface semi flexible solar panel for RVs boats campers awning balcony van shelter off grid solar system

Best seller model 100w for trailer roof;
ultralight light,onlu 1,6kg and 1.7-2mm thickness;
MBB technology less power loss;
AP2 raw material anti crack and bend more.
  • eGo S100M


  • 510*1035*2mm

  • rv shelter roof,solar car,off grid solar system,balcony,fence

  • 23%


1.latest generation HJT cell up to 24% Solar Cell Efficiency

Premium quality bificial HJT solar cells,latest technology.Bificial cell increase 10%-20% power using transparent backsheet.

2.MBB technology less power loss

9BB multi busbar technology on both sides,distance between 2 bus bar less,less resistance and more current even through cell crack.

3.3.22kg/m ultralight material

Ultralight,1.6kg only for 100w and 3.22kg per square meter.

4.Best seller module for rv roof,balcony.

Model No. eGo S100M
Product Name semi flexible solar panel
Maximum Power[Wp] 100
Solar Cell Monocrystalline solar cell
Cell Array[Pcs] 3*12
Cell Efficiency 23%
Size[mm] 510*1035*2
Max Power Voltage Vmp[V] 20.26
Max Power Current Imp[A] 4.94
Open Circuit Voltage Voc[V] 24.01
Short Circuit Current Isc[A] 5.33
Net.Weight[kg] 1.7
Power tolerance[%] ±3%
NOCT[℃] 45±2
Operating Temperature[℃] -40/+85
Temperature Coefficient Pmax[%/℃] -0.43
Temperature Coefficient Voc[[%/℃] -0.34
Temperature Coefficient Isc[[%/℃] 0.05
Maximum System Voltage[V] 1000 V
Maximum Reverse Current[V] 10A
Certification CE ROHS
Surface/Backsheet ETFE/white plastic
Maximum bend radius(θ) 60°
Cables and Connectors PV-XC502 Jbox IP65,0.9m cable and 1 pair of MC4 connector
Standard Test Conditions STC: 1000W/m⊃2;, AM 1.5 and cell temp 25°C

flexible module solarbendable solar paneleGo S Pro application