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Leading quality glass solar module factory with more than 13years solar experience

Rigid Glass Solar Panel
Rigid,glass,frame solar panel for all off grid application
AHONY has a wide range glass solar panels,and flexibility to customize small solar panel to middium,laser cutting,automatically soldering for small panels from 1w-450w.With years of industry experience,we have a group of quality control person,engineer,producing line workers to insure good and sustainable quality.All the raw material are from experienced vendors.
We dedicate to outdoor solar application:camping solar,motohomes solar,marine boat,mining,oil,street light,fence,mobile transport,public appliances,camera CCTV,IOT smart solar integrated system etc.A lot more other areas that our customers uses for.OEM,customize solar modules like bificial cell solar module,transparent solar panel for roof,half cut solar cell module to get better performance on shading etc.
Monocrystalline solar panel uses A grade PERC,SunPower,Topcon,IBC,HJT bificial solar cells,with cell efficiency up to 25.4%,the latest cell technology,the Jbox are waterproof IP67,cables are with UV resistanct which is suitable for outdoor.
Polycrystalline solar panel uses A grade solar cell with efficiency over 19%,with good performance on weak sunlight.
Good quality solar cell makes PID free,high density aluminium alloy frame makes solar panel longer lifespan.
For AHONY solar modules,the warranty is 5years,and 25years output guarantee.



Solar Application Cases

  • solar light

    Solar Light -camping light street light

    Mono or poly small solar panel are perfect for different wattage solar light,street light for home garden,camping solar etc.

  • solar camera

    Solar Camera and oil mining solar application

    Our solar panels are more and more used for solar camera,oil,mining,industrial use,we customize different size,holes,frame,cable parts etc to make suitable solar panel systems for application market.

  • Mobile Solar off grid solar

    Our solar panels are mostly used for mobile solar system,camping rv roof,mobile containers,island,all are off grid solar systems.A grade solar cell longer lifespan,better weak light performance,more than 25 years warranty.

    mobile solar
  • Boat solar for marine yacht catamaran

    The small solar panels are widely for marine use,boat signal power source,battery charger,floating light,GPS etc,all unit can be powered by solar panel.The panels are corrosion resistant,saltwaterproof,longer lifespan.

    boat solar panel