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AHONY 300w white black semi flexible solar panel HJT cell for ecoflow portable power generator balcony solar module pv fence best low light performance micro inverter mouting kits holes

this product is AHONY self produced semi flexible solar panel 300w,it's used for balcony pv,fence,it uses the leading brand solar cell HJT,best weak light performance
  • eGo S300M
  • AHONY or OEM
  • 992*1515*2mm
  • balcony fence electric car roof,on or off grid solar system
  • 24%

AHONY HCF cell flexible solar panel has HJT cell,multi bus bar technology and copper foundation solar cells.Cell efficiency

up to 24%.HJT is more advanced technology compared to PERC.Better weaklight and high temperature performance.

-Mlti busbar cell technology reduced power loss by cell crack

-Less cell distance shorten the current transit distance and reduced 15%

inner resistance.

-Other cell crushed when bend,no power!

HCF cell still have copper ribbon to connect,little power loss!

HCF is more suitable for semi flexible.

24% Solar Cell Efficiency

Premium quality bificial HJT solar cells,latest technology.

Bificial cell increase 10%-20% power using transparent


MBB technology less power loss

9BB multi busbar technology on both sides,

distance between 2 bus bar less,less resistance and

more current even through cell crack.

Copper foundation flexible cells

The solar cell have copper foundation like SunPower.

The cell is bendable and copper ribbon on back still

gathering current when cell crack.

3.22kg/m ultralight material

Ultralight,1.6kg only for 100w and 3.22kg per square meter.

Model   No.eGo S300M
Product NameSemi flexible solar panel
Maximum   Power[Wp]300
Solar CellHJT HCF 9BB 158mm solar cell
Cell   Array[Pcs]6*9
Cell   Efficiency22.70%
Max Power   Voltage Vmp[V]33.40
Max Power   Current Imp[A]8.99
Open Circuit   Voltage Voc[V]38.74
Short Circuit   Current Isc[A]9.50
Power   tolerance[%]±3%
Operating   Temperature[℃]-40/+85
Temperature   Coefficient Pmax[%/℃]-0.252
Temperature   Coefficient Voc[[%/℃]-0.227
Temperature   Coefficient Isc[[%/℃]0.031
Maximum System   Voltage[V]1000 V
Maximum   Reverse Current[A]IR<2A-0
CertificationCE ROHS
Maximum bend   radius(θ)60°
Cables and   ConnectorsJB022 Jbox on   front,3bypas diodes,0.3m cable and 1 pair of MC4 connector


balcony solar,fence when the light may be with non 90degree angle and become weak;

camp rv roof,especially electrical car roof

on or off grid solar system

bimini,boat roof.