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21w folding solar charger dual USB for powerbank portable solar small size mobile charger

eMobi F21w solar charger USB DC5521 for powerbank
made by back contact solar cell,high efficiency up to 23.7%,
2 fold solar panel each 7w,
with smart charge quick charge dual usb to charge cellphone,powerbank,camera,drones.
  • eMobi F21w


  • 175*302*28mm

  • Hiking Camping Power Station,phone charger,laptop charger

  • 24.4%


eMobi F21w solar charger for powerbank made by back contact solar cell,high efficiency up to 24.4%,3 fold solar panel each 7w,with dual usb to charge cellphone,powerbank,camera,drones.

Advantage of solar charger 21w


    Charge compatible devices at up to 5V/2.1A when under direct sunlight. Convert up to 24% of solar power into free energy with highly efficient back contact solar cell solar panel.


    Energy-saving, constructed with PET laminated solar panels with high-wear fabric, this usb solar charger offers weather-resistant outdoor durability. Works for most of devices that require 5V power.


    Ultra Compact size when folded and ready for travel, just slip it into the bag and go out whenever you like, the solar power panels with two eye-holes on the side allow easy attachment to backpacks, trees or tents.


    The solar charger works for all mobile phones, pad, camera, tablet, Bluetooth speaker, power bank and most of devices that require 5V power.

Application scope of USB solar charger

Charging smart phone,camera,powerbank,drones,portable translator,all 5v output powerload;

This portable solar charger is good for hiking,travel,camping,sailing,climbing,ebike,backpack.

Model   No.eMobi F21W
Product descriptionquick charge mppt foldable solar charger
Product NameIntegrated USB Solar Charger
Maximum   Power[Wp]21
Solar CellSunPower Maxeon Cell
Cell   Array[Pcs]12*3
Cell   Efficiency22.60%
Folded   Size[mm]175*302*28
Open Size[mm]720*302*12
Max Power   Voltage Vmp[V]8.10
Max Power   Current Imp[A]2.59
Open Circuit   Voltage Voc[V]9.56
Short Circuit   Current Isc[A]2.80
Output   Voltage[V]5/9/12
Port 1-USBquick   charge+MPPT 5V@3A,9V@2A,12V@1.5A
Port 2-USB25V 2.4A
Port 2-DC 5521**
CertificationCE ROHS
Solar panel   waterproofIP65
Jbox   WaterproofIP30