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eGo P50w flexible solar module

PCB backsheet eGo P series flexible solar panel
Less rigid than regular eGo S series
Max bend angle 10degree
Cell efficiency up to 23.7%
  • eGo P50w

  • AHONY or OEM

  • eGo P50w

  • Balcony,Garden,RV,Boat,Camper,roof,home solar system


eGo P50w is suitable for RV,the voltage is 18V which is better for 12v battery.

PCB backsheet more rigid than regular ones;

Back contact solar cells,efficienty is up to 23.7%;

Resilient,thin,light and aerodynamic design;

ETFE surface,more weather resistance;

Waterproof Jbox that is full of silicon gel;

Customize is acceptable.

Product   NameSemi-Flexible Solar Panel
Maximum   Power[Wp]50
Solar CellSunPower Maxeon Gen III Back Contact Cell
Cell   Array[Pcs]4*8
Cell   Efficiency22.6%
Max Power   Voltage Vmp[V]18.56
Max Power   Current Imp[A]2.7
Open Circuit   Voltage Voc[V]22.27
Short Circuit   Current Isc[A]2.9
Operating   Temperature[℃]-40/+85
Temperature   Coefficient Pmax[%/℃]-0.3
Temperature   Coefficient Voc[[%/℃]-1.74mV
Temperature   Coefficient Isc[[%/℃]0.05
Maximum System   Voltage[V]100 V
Maximum   Reverse Current[V]10A
CertificationCE ROHS
Cables and   ConnectorsJbox IP65,0.9m cable and 1 pair of MC4 connector
Standard Test   ConditionsSTC: 1000W/m², AM   1.5g and cell temp 25°C