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26.4%! The conversion efficiency of JinkoSolar 182TOPCon cells hit a new high

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A few days ago, JinkoSolar announced that the 182N high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell technology independently developed by its research institute has made a major breakthrough. It has been certified by the testing laboratory of the China Academy of Metrology, an authoritative third-party testing and certification organization, and the full-area cell conversion efficiency has reached 26.4%. It once created a new high in the conversion efficiency of large-area N-type single crystal passivated contact ( TOPCon ) cells with a size of 182 and above.

JinkoSolar has built a globally competitive R&D team, focusing on exploring the path of photovoltaic technology innovation and the implementation of R&D results. Through unremitting technical research, the R&D team took the lead in developing a number of advanced technologies suitable for large sizes, such as bulk defect passivation technology, graded polysilicon film layer, and metal interface composite suppression technology, achieving a conversion efficiency of 26.4%, breaking through again in October this year Created a conversion efficiency of 26.1%.17322457210362

Up to now, JinkoSolar has broken the world record of cell efficiency and module power 22 times. Especially in the leading accumulation in the field of N-type TOPCon, in the past two years, it has broken the world record of N-type TOPCon batteries for seven consecutive times. As a leader in the "N-type era", JinkoSolar has put into production the industry's largest N-type TOPCon cell production capacity of 35GW and the world's largest N-type crystal pulling capacity of 20GW by virtue of its industry-leading vertically integrated industrial chain layout, which will strongly support the company Achieve product shipment goals, continuously deliver high-efficiency N-type module products to the market, and accelerate the pace of N-type commercialization in the industry.


According to reports, the Tiger Neo series of modules independently developed by JinkoSolar based on N-type TOPCon technology has a maximum power of 600W+, and the mass production efficiency of TOPCon cells has reached more than 25%. , energy density, reliability, technology cost and yield rate all have significant advantages, and the path to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the future is clear, and will continue to maintain its leading position.

After years of accumulation, the company's N-type TOPCon technology has achieved higher mass production efficiency and better mass production costs compared with traditional PERC and other N-type technologies of the same period. Since the release of the product, JinkoSolar's N-type TOPCon technology's Tiger Neo series modules have been widely recognized in overseas and domestic markets, and orders have continued. Judging from the current strong demand in the N-type market, next year, N-type modules will become the main force, accounting for more than half, and are expected to become a powerful tool to help China's "dual carbon goals" and global energy transformation.


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