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AHONY eMarvel solar panel passed SGS test

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On 5th,May,AHONY eMarvel solar panel passed SGS test.The test uses latest IEC environment test standard and tested for long time,the surface shows no change and still has high output power under IV test machine.eMarvel series is a kind of semi flexible solar panel,it's target for marine solar panel:harsh environment area like marine,riverside humid area,tropical or subtropical area of which panel will get high temperature,or the low temperature area which gets -0℃ when in winter.

eMarvel uses high quality raw material as well as experienced workmanship,we passed inner test.industry standard test and test at higher standard to prove it's quality and lifespan. Rigid light solar panel is another kind of semi flexible solar panel,it can bend only 3-5degree,so they are suitable for flat installation surface.Compared to traditional semi flexible solar panel,which is thin,resilient,it's very rigid.It can resistant high pressure,strike,drop and keep the solar cell as it is without any damage.

eMarvel series light solar panel are produce with premium performance,high quality workmanship.They are certified by CE,ROHS,SGS and tested under IEC 60512 standard.Moreover,it's tested sucessfully under high humidity 85% and high temperature 85degree celsius for over 1000hours.




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