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Can Flexible Solar Panel be Walked On ?

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Many people are looking for solar panels,flexible solar panel,light weight solar panel that can be steped on when installing on surface of boat.

Is there any flexible solar panel that can be walked on in the market?

There are many sellers claim that their flexible solar panel can be walked on,they want to show this is their biggest advantage that different from others.But actually they all have hidden danger of cell crack,it's not seen by surface,when test under EL,the cell crack can show.

EL test

Can eGo S M P flexible solar panel be walked on it?

Based on AHONY experience,now only back contact cells has the best performance to get rid of cell crack and still have big  power output.For conventional cells,like AHONY eGo S M P series,theycan be walked on on very flat surface,engineer should wear flat bottom shoes as well,If the surface is rough,it's forbidden to walk on it.eGo M P is more rigid than eGo S,so they can not bend a lot,the max 10°,so M P must install on flat surface,and in this way,engineer can walk on it by flat bottom shoes.

How we can avoid possible cell crack in flexible solar panel?

AHONY will clearly warn customers to be careful about the bending angle,how to step on the flexible solar panel in owner's manual.

For our resellers,it's obligated to teach consumers how to use the flexible solar panel,to give more tips and warning to them.




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