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China reveals new subsidy-free solar and wind policy

Views: 88     Author: Channe Gao     Publish Time: 2019-01-10      Origin: PV Tech

China's top planning organisation has revealed new solar and wind policies for subsidy-free projects.

Feed-in tariff (FiT) support was cut in May 2018 but under new plans, all relevant bodies will be asked to clear obstacles for those projects that can undercut coal (coal-fired benchmark on-grid price).

A 12-point plan has been revealed by China's National Development and Reform Commission.

Local governments will be allowed to subsidise projects if they choose but the policy states that those subsidies cannot be used to prop up local manufacturers. Support cannot be offered with local content requirements either. This tallies with previous indications that struggling solar manufacturers should not be offered artificial support.

The plans also include the use of Green Certificates, linked to renewable power generation that can then be traded.

In addition, strenuous efforts to reinforce grid infrastructure will be made to reduce curtailment. Projects that cannot show that the power can be efficiently distributed will not be approved.

Provinces will also be encouraged to trade more power across their respective boundaries.

Tighter requirements on project design and siting are also introduced. Projects will be encouraged on unused state-owned land.

The policy stands until the end of 2020.




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