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EU set to raise renewable energy target to 42.5%

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The European Parliament and the European Council have reached an interim agreement to increase the EU's binding renewable energy target for 2030 to at least 42.5% of the total energy mix. At the same time, an indicative target of 2.5% was also negotiated, which would bring Europe's share of renewable energy to at least 45% within the next ten years.


The EU plans to increase its binding renewable energy target to at least 42.5% by 2030. The European Parliament and the European Council today reached a provisional agreement confirming that the current 32% renewable energy target will be increased.

If the agreement is formally adopted, it will almost double the existing share of renewable energy in the EU and will bring the EU closer to the goals of the European Green Deal and the RePower EU energy plan.

During 15 hours of talks, the parties also agreed on an indicative target of 2.5%, which would bring the EU's share of renewable energy to the 45% advocated by industry group Photovoltaics Europe (SPE). The goal.

"When the negotiators said this was the only possible deal, we believed them," said SPE Chief Executive Walburga Hemetsberger. level. Of course, 45% is the floor, not the ceiling. We will try to provide as much renewable energy as possible by 2030."

It is said that the EU will increase the share of renewable energy by speeding up and simplifying the permitting process . Renewable energy will be seen as an overriding public good and member states will be directed to implement "designated development areas" for renewable energy in areas with high renewable energy potential and low environmental risk.

The interim agreement now needs formal approval by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Once this process is complete, the new legislation will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union and enter into force.




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