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Flexible solar panel for motor roof

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This is an example for flexible solar panel using on motor roof,and we explain why more and more people choose flexible solar panel?

For recent 3 years,as more people begin to produce flexible solar panels,more companies goes to solar professional exhibition.Flexible solar panel as a new catagory product attracts more and more concern.

AHONY team has in solar industry for more than 7 years,we receive more flexible requests these years,for traditional marine,boat,yacht,motor homes.These years,more people are trying to use flexible solar panel on roof top.There are many reasons people choose flexible solar panels.

Light weight solar panel

Picture 1:light weight solar panel,can bend max 10degree

traditional rigid solar panel

Picture 2:traditional rigid solar panel

Compare the two pictures,for motor rooftop,the motor is not heavy itself,if install rigid module,the motor will bear a lot more pressure,hailstone resistance.

using ultralight solar panel eGo S

As solar panel price drop again,more people can afford solar panels,for flexible solar panel's big advantage-light,thin,aerodynamic,more people look for flexible solar panel.

The surface ETFE has longer lifespan more than 10years,so it makes flexible longer lifespan.

AHONY got requests on on grid solar system by flexible as well.

Customer A 3MW

For rooftop in Hongkong

It takes time for more engineer to have whole installation design for flexible solar panel installing on rooftop.

Most of application for light weight solar panel,or flexible solar panel are for off grid use,like rooftop of caravan,motor,boat,yacht etc.

For more technical guide,ask AHONY professional person for guidance.

600x900 flexible solar panel

picture 3 eGo S flexible solar panel 100-110w




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