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How is AHONY double 85 test box work for solar panels

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People who work in solar industry may hear about double 85%test,it's strict material,workmanship test to show the panels can still work properly or has longer lifespan in extreme climate.

Solar Panel Double 85 test

The double 85 test chamber can be used for high and low temperature circulation, wet freezing, damp heat (double 85) and testing of solar photovoltaic modules, battery sheets and photovoltaic products. It is mainly used in the photovoltaic industry and the solar industry. It is used to test photovoltaic modules, mainly monocrystalline silicon components, crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules for the ground, and thin-film photovoltaic modules for the ground. Reproduce the damage caused by the environment.

The design life of photovoltaic modules (solar panels) is about 20 to 30 years, and the thermal performance test in reliability is to verify the design and verification of photovoltaic modules for the ground, so that the components can be operated for more than 20 years in the general climate. The required components are required to be: Thermal cycle test (-40 ° C ~ + 85 ° C 50 ~ 200 times, up to 1200H), Humidity-freeze test wet freezing test (85 ° C 85% ~ -40 ° C 10 times, about 240H ),Damp Heat damp heat test (85 ° C 85%, 1000H) to confirm the component can withstand the negative temperature effects after high temperature and high humidity, as well as fatigue and heat failure caused by repeated temperature changes, and additionally determine the PV module exposure The thermal stress generated under high humidity and the ability to resist the long-term penetration of moisture. The design and capability of the test equipment must meet the requirements of the relevant temperature and humidity curves of IEC61215 and IEC61646.

As AHONY mostly produce ultralight solar panels,with platic surface,ETFE,TPT,PET etc,our double 85 test machine are use for flexible solar panel,solar charger lamination test.We test under 85 degree celsius and 85% humidity,testing 1000hours according to standard testing lab,then using tensile force meter to test if the panel will delamination,aging,non-waterproof etc.When the solar panel is still laminated tightly under tensile force 20N/2kg,then the test is ok.On the other hand,the solar panel EL test machine and solar panel IV test machine will both test if the power/voltage/current is ok or not.

Flexible solar panel double 85 test2

If the testing shows as follows,it means the panels are good,and now cell crack,no hidden cell break.Then the double 85 test is passed.

12v folding solar ktis EL test

Currently we tested the eGo S,eGo P,eGo L liminates,stainless steel grommets and some panels using other new raw materials.

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