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in China fall to new all-time low and manufacturers reduce production

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In a new weekly update for pv magazine , OPIS, a Dow Jones company, offers a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.


The Chinese Module Marker (CMM), OPIS's benchmark for China's mono PERC modules, was assessed at $0.123/W, down $0.003/W week-over-week, while TOPCon module prices fell $0.004/W to $0.131/W. These new historical lows occur in a context of low end-of-year demand, as module manufacturers have reduced production.

Prices have fallen especially in China. While most Tier 1 operators - including one of the top 5 solar manufacturers - typically offer modules around the 1 yuan ($0.14)/W mark, some sellers lowered prices beyond that psychologically significant threshold. According to several manufacturers, PERC modules have been offered for as low as 0.72 yuan ($0.10).

The winter season is a “weaker period of the year and, therefore, of lower demand,” according to a veteran of the solar market. According to a module seller, Chinese manufacturers are trying to clear their stocks this off-season. Ahead of their fiscal year-end in December, Chinese companies are trying to sell inventory and “increase their revenue,” according to another veteran.

Exploitation rates are falling in this oversupply environment. Some mid-sized solar factories are already closing for the holidays, according to one module maker. In China, factories usually only close during the Spring Festival, and the fact that they do so two months before suggests that they have “no orders.” According to an experienced market observer, module factories are operating at 50-60%.

Low prices remain on the horizon in late 2023 and into next year. 2024 will be a difficult year, according to a major solar developer. Low prices will persist for some time, with the sector gradually beginning to stabilize in 2025 and then recovering, according to the developer.




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