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22w foldable Solar Panel with smart charge Dual USB(5V/4A Overall) IPX4 Waterproof camp hike rv Portable Solar Panel Charger

  • eMobi F22w
  • Folded Size[mm] 200*290*28 Open Size[mm] 598*290*12
  • camping safari
  • 23.00%
Model No. eMobi F22W
Product Name USB Solar Charger-regular
Maximum Power[Wp] 22
Solar Cell A grade mono perc cell
Cell Array[Pcs] 12*3
Cell Efficiency 23.00%
Folded Size[mm] 200*290*28
Open Size[mm] 598*290*12
Max Power Voltage Vmp[V] 8.10
Max Power Current Imp[A] 2.72

Open Circuit Voltage Voc[V] 9.56
Short Circuit Current Isc[A] 2.93
Net.Weight[kg] 0.583
Output Voltage[V] 5/9/12
Port 1-USB quick charge+MPPT 5V3A,9V2A,12V1.5A
Port 2-USB2 5V 3A
Colour black+yellow
Certification CE ROHS
Surface/Backsheet PET,PU waterproof
Solar panel waterproof IP65
Jbox Waterproof IP30
Standard Test Conditions STC: 1000W/m², AM 1.5 and cell temp 25°C
Eyelet silver colour nickel coated copper,4pcs
Package 1pcs/carton box