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eGo S M Series Flexible Solar Panel
A series flexible solar panel that is ultrathin,light and high grade UV corrosion resistant.
eGo S M use monocrystalline solar cells,with latest solar cell technology HJT HCF,it has better performance under weak sunshine.AHONY's professional workmanship keeps the flexible solar panel bend up to 60degree(equals to 240degree arc),meanwhile,the panel is only 1.6kg per 100w,3kg each square meter.
Solar cell
SM series use latest microcrystalline material technology HCF solar cell,it is a kind of HJT cell with high efficiency up to 25%.Compared to regular HJT cells,it‘s double-sided microcrystalline heterojunction solar cell,what we call bificial microcrystalline cell,it makes solar panel better low light performance,it produce more power compared to regular PERC cell,the power is also higher than other HJT cell under weak light-windy or rainy days.
AHONY HCF cell has copper foundation which allows ribbon to gather power electricity when over bend or have inner crack,the panel can produce more power and less power loss.
The HCF cell have lower temperature coefficient parameters then PERC,it can produce more power under high temperature conditions.
Raw Material
The solar panel use ETFE surface as well,leading brand EVA and other encapsulation material,the UV resistant performance is tested under more than 1200hours' 85% humidity and high temperature 85degree.The panel is more flexible than eGo S series,thiner and lighter,moreover,it can bend more arc and without cell crack.eGo SM series light weight solar panel are capable to use on public shelters,RV roof of which the surface is relatively flat and may put on some light installation tools.It can walk on as well when the surface is very flat.The extra value is,it's also for solar boat bimini,balcony,fence where solar energy can be on grid to home solar system as well,it allows breeze to make panels up and down while no damage on inner cell.

the panel ETFE surface has very low water absorption rate,also Jbox are filled in silicon gel to make it more proof,get no rust under salty weather.
Long lifespan:the surface/backsheet are both designed for more than 10years lifespan.
Safer and more durable.
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